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As all we know, Can Love Happen Twice ? by Ravinder Singh was already a hit before it got published but as it has been published now, we have collected some of the best comments from the fans and readers of this book as seen on author Ravinder Singh's Facebook wall.
Ravinder Singh at Lava city.
"i dont feel lik this actually happened wit u bhai.... because i still feel you are attached to only khushi no one else!its hard to believe but i knw it could nt hav happened wit..u always loved her.. u still luv her... u will always love her...! :pits khushi and only khushi." By - Chandu Kantha
"Read Can love happen twice ...amazing book so engrossed in it couldn't even make out that i m not a part of that story ......n the most beautiful is the way u expressed ur feelings its absolutely the same way i expressed in i too had a love story for khushi .......most of the pages of the book of mine got blotted wid tears specially wen there is some thing related to khushi ........n i could actually feel what all u went through .....n all i wish is May u get all the happiness u deserve!!!....the end of the book is quite unpredictable .... loved the book..... amazing work!!!!! ....Hats Off to u!!!!!" By - 'Rashmi Kewlani
"hey.. I've read some odd 25 books of abt 15 authors but no one ever made me feel as I was witnessing the story live in front of my eyes.The way u describe the b'fullness of ur gurls,your feelings is superb. I can easily imagine the face of the gurl or I can easily feel what u felt. HATS OFF to u.." By - Anurag Gupta 
"YOU ARE A LEGEND...!!! ♥ ♥ ♥" By - Priya Yadav 
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